Houses and Services in the Residential Zone

The SimCity game to be played on Android and iOS has been one of the favorite free-to-play games. With super graphics and music, the game has been played by young and old alike. The player has to play the role of mayor in the city and can build the game in any way he plans it to be. He starts the game with 25,000 Sims currencies or Simoleons along with 50 Sims cash. The player learns to play the game by constructing buildings, upgrading them and also by demolishing unwanted buildings.

Three zones

The development zone consists of three zones in the SimCity BuildIt. They are the residential zones, the industrial zone and the commercial zone. The industrial zone contains building such as factories, farms and laboratories. The commercial zone contains offices and shops that the citizens can shop at and also used as work spots. The residential zone contains buildings for the Simoleons to live in.

The Residential Zone

The residential zone has various buildings that they citizens use to live in. The citizens reside in residential zones as families such as small and large families. They go about the ordinary house life and go to work and purchase products. The residential buildings are of different densities such as small, medium and high density. There are a number of buildings that are built. They are displayed on the map of the city along with data such as the number of buildings in the city and the buildings that have to upgraded or abandoned according to the situation of the buildings. The buildings are valued according to the land value of the city. Localities that have good specializations and services rise up the land value of that area. Buildings in these areas have a higher value and rich residents alone can afford these areas.

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Construction of Buildings

First the residential zone has to be brought onto the city map and then buildings have to be constructed. While constructing, plans have to be made and the building materials have to be ready and the population that the city has to live in the city has to be finalized. To start work, the contractor can collect material from the manufacturing and crafting. . Manufacturing materials take time and the buildings are slow to complete. The manufacturing materials can also be collected by buying these products using real currencies from the in-app stores. The currencies can also be got through the simcity buildit tricks which is available for free and for unlimited amounts.  Once the materials are ready, the building plan has to be dragged onto the residential zone and the buildings are immediately ready and you also get Simoleons and XP as rewards for completing the construction.


There are various options after building the residential zone. There is an option to prepare a new plan and get new buildings. If you do not like the location of your building you can also move them to any location you like. If places are too crowded, the buildings can be demolished and built again.

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